Extinct is Forever:
The Wolves of Isle Royale
A Multi-Media Presentation and Live Performance

Isle Royale Wolves
Now, there are only two. 
The National Park Service wants us to help it make a decision.

Not long ago, 50 wolves in 5 packs roamed Isle Royale National Park, a wilderness island in northwest Lake Superior.   Dr. Rolf Peterson, the lead researcher of the Isle Royale Wolf-Moose study, says wolves serve as  willing and eager volunteers to "keep a lid" on the moose population at this secluded, northwoods archipelago. 

Isle Royale is at a critical moment in its history.  The wolves are now at their all-time lowest numbers, with only two remaining, and only footprints having been observed in the 2016 Winter Study.

Consequently, and not surprisingly, the moose population has doubled in the last several years.

Extinct is Forever: The Wolves of Isle Royale examines the essential interconnectedness of the components hanging in the  balance at this unique and isolated biosphere.